Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6/6/09 Dunkin

funny enough i thought about you guys > on your anniversary i was talking > to a member and i looked down at my watch and realized it > was your > anniversary wow 23 years congratulations and i hope there > are many many > more to come. > you already got a horse now your buying cows. watch out dad > i see > tractors in the future. ;-) > Grandma told me that there is a family shin dig going on > pretty soon > at willow creek are you guys planning on going? > i got 2 baptisms Saturday it was really cool the pipe was > broken to the > baptismal font so we went to a really pretty beach and did > it in the > ocean. i let my comp do the actually dunkin action he holds > alot more > importance to numbers than i do. but any way i love you and > hope all > goes well with your knee ill e praying for you. > elder mayberry >

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