Monday, June 15, 2009

blessing the sacrament

no i simply said ma which is a pretty general term in tongan since they didnt have bread before the palangis came so it encompassed both bread and coconut. wow yeah i havent heard from patricia in a long time. feel free to give out my email to any cute girls you deem worthy. ;-) but all is going well here its transfer day and my comp left for haapai so ill be getting a new one wednesday ill be living with another palangi for the next few days. i will be mailing you the cds with all my pictures on it next week so it should be there in a month or two. typing is getting harder and harder the longer im out. all is well here though and im excited for a new comp its always fun playing the guessing game. i was talking with the zone leaders and come to find out we have had over 15 elders sent home since i got out on my mission. i didnt realize it was that high but i guess the devil can tempt missionaries just as easy as non-missionaries. i actually got a report/complaint called in about me last week the bishop pulled me aside yesterday at church to talk about the problem i guess he has had several complaints of the same sort. they are angry at me and say i have been spending to much time with nonmembers and not enough time sitting at members houses. i actually laughed at the bishop but he said that some of the members are actually pretty mad at me. life is funny huh. well i dont have much time here so ill close this up but i love you elder mayberry

okay mister, we have a big debate going on and you need to help us. > When you used coconut for sacrament did you say bless this coconut > rather than bless this bread? we really need this answered so don't > you dare ignore this email! :-) love you lots son! - mom >

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