Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6/6/09 niua fo'ou

hey cutie i heard jessica flew the coop for a little while. hows life going for you now that your done with your schooling? any plans yet for the summer? how are TC and morgan handling summer break. all is well here im going to do a companion exchange today with another white guy this will be the third time i have ever been with a palangi for more than an hour or two. its kinda fun here in vava'u. i really hope i stay here for a long time the work is good the island is beautiful and the food is pretty delicious. htis computer store is right next to the bay and it has a gorgeous view. i think google earth has some good pictures of niua fo'ou you should check it out someone was telling me they are gorgeous. well i got ot go love you \elder mayberry

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