Friday, June 5, 2009


hey pop good to hear from you life is > still going on here just at a > little different pace then your life... ;-) its still > pretty warm here > and this is suposed ot be winter right now but thats kinda > like winter > in phoenix not really anything to worry about. i have a > favor to ask > of you i would like you to call sister knoop in deming and > thank her > for the letters she has sent me. i cant really get mail out > of here or > i would write here a thank you card. > sounds like life is still interesting with the family hows > work going > are you still thinking about having surgery on your knee?? > what will > that do to you? > i got in a fight with one of my bishops this week he > literally cussed > me out for about thirty minutes i just listened and prayed > for > patience till he was done then had to swallow my pride and > appologize > for something i didnt even do. thats probably wouldnt have happened > before my mission. he said we were neglecting an > investigator he had > refered to us i had to explain that a young boy cant be > baptized > without parent permission and the kid doesnt really care > about the > church anyway he wants to get baptized so he can attend the > church > schools here... oh the fun;-) > but i appologized and calmed him down and got it back to > normal. but > let me tell you i was in a bit of a tizzy for a while i had > to go back > to the house and relax for a little bit. > i bet you feel like that at work sometimes. i think > heavenly father is > just giving me lots of opportunities to grow right now. > well dad love you > elder mayberry

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