Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Dear Family;
Well, it’s p-day again so I figured I had better write you a letter.
It’s been a long week. I have been having a little trouble. Part of
it I’m sure is the fact that I was in the office with pretty good
companions and lots of work to do. Now I am learning some patience
and long suffering. The rest of this letter will be better I promise
I won’t complain the whole time.
I have a pretty good story for you guys from my comp exchange
yesterday. I went out with the district leader from one of our
districts and we had a very good time. We got a lot of teachings and
set up a lot of new investigators. We were tracting and ran into a
family they said they were members but the famther admitted to being
very inactive. We set up a teaching time for later that evening. We
went around tractingand met some inactive and non member families that
we set up teaching times yesterday and later this week for the two to
go back to. We went to the first family about 7:00p.m. and taught a
really good lesson. The family was eager to accept commitments to
become reactivated, and I could tell the mother had been trying for a
very long time to get her husband back to church. We were there
around 1 hour but by the end they had promised to pray as a family,
twice a day, read scriptures daily and the Dad promised to be at
church Sunday. Inactive families are kind of a hobby of mine. I love
seeing people remember why they were converted in the first place.
I’m going to be a little preach here so watch out. Family, the gospel
does bring happiness to families. When we keep the commandments the
Lord is bound when we don’t we have no promise. I would like to
challenge you family to make sure your all praying individually and as
a family, reading your scriptures every day. That’s an important one,
when we read the scriptures every day we make sure that we have
spiritual nourishment to keep our spririts moving. So any day that
you eat real food, you should make sure that you have spiritual food
to keep the other half running. I love you all and I’m sure the Lord
will bless you for all your work. Love Elder Mayberry P.S. I had a
long come to Jesus talk with my comp and several hours later we are
not quite as good of friends but have been excellent missionaries
since then.

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