Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feb 2010

Feb 2010
Dear Family,
Hey I thought I would drop you a line this week. We just got done
with a meeting with President Hamula from our area presidency. I’m
not exactly sure what he’s here in Tonga for, I think that he just
visits e’er so often to make sure we’re alright. He gave a really
good talk that made me think a lot so I thought I would pass it on to
you all. In 3 Nephi 11 when Christ comes to the Nephites, remember
the righteous had been waiting for 600 years for their savior and
redeemer to come and redeem them. Their lives were in shambles their
homes destroyed, loved ones lost and everything they knew gone. The
Father testifies of Christ, Christ introduces himself to the people,
shows them his body and proves he is the Christ of prophecy. What is
the very first thing Christ does? Remember he will only be among the
Nephites a very short time. Read 3 Nephi 11:20-21. The first thing
Christ does is call and set apart people to baptize the multitude.
The first mission Christ set about to accomplish just happens to be
the first ordinance in article of faith #4. The faith was theirs, the
most important thing to happen at that time was for Christ to carry
out the Fathers command and baptize the people. Many of us believe
that if we could only get Christ to appear to us we be converted
steadily forever. Good news, he has and gave us whole books of
instructions and stories. The scriptures are the exact same as him
speaking directly to us in person.
(A few days later) Well life is still moving forward at a pretty fast
pace I might add. I have an interview with president set up in a
little bit. He should be calling pretty soon. Their have been some
problems president needs to know about. On a more positive note, we
should have a baptism next week. An eighteen year old girl named
Vila. I have also revamped my studies this transfer now that I’m no
longer quite as busy as I was in the office. I have finished the BofM
again and am reading the Bible. I read the old testament, up to Job
and then skipped to Amos. Then, I was on to Matthew. I’m always
surprised though at how much stuff I learn every day.
Love you All, Elder Mayberry

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