Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 3

hey mom just to get you up to date we have now had 1 volcano 4 earthquakes hurricanes 1 cyclone and 7 tsunami warnings luckily only one tsunami though. sounds like you guys are all staying busy. i like the idea of you guys coming after i finish. it would be hard not to run into each other on such a small island. as far as everything else goes im pretty easy i think two weeks is a good time anything longer and im going to be really anxious to get back state side to start chasin girls.... :-) hows the houe these days what part are you guys on have you got the slab done how about a wall or two. what kind of outside walls will you be using? all is well here i finally got my comp from niua he is an ausy guy and really cool. palangi.... i seem to have been stepping on a lot of toes lately. a bishop in folaha tried to baptise a crossdresser. i had to tell him it wasnt a very good ideea. he wasnt very happy because he wanted the baptism so they would look better to the stake president for their ward conference. and about a million other things along the same lines. there are a bunch of missionaries in my zone that are about to get sent home but president gave me a week to see if i could get them to confess and come clean before he boots them out... any way mom i love you tell everyone i said hi love elder mayberry --

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